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    [Dispatch] BTS V is well known for his list of celebrity friends. Not only idol members, his friends list goes out to actors. Let’s check out V’s famous friends! Visual look-alikes: EXO Baekhyun & V We all know that Park Bo Gum and V are best friends! ‘Hwarang’ Besties Park Seo Joon & V Another bestie from Hwarang Park Hyung Sik & V Handsome next to Handsome: Yook Sung Jae & V Trainee friend Jang Moon Bok Kim Min Jae & V wow, even Ha Ji Won?!?! Source: Dispatch
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    When someone with a big mouth laughs or smiles, What do you think? Probably you think they look happier than they are. There are some Idol members who have a big mouth and their laugh just make us laugh. We ‘Dispatch’ gathered their pictures to laugh and smile with you guys today. Xiumin - EXO His smile makes us happy. Sungjae - BTOB He is such a cutie. Eunwoo - Astro Suga - BTS Junghan - Seventeen Sandeul - B1A4 Source: Dispatch